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Over the years, there have been significant contributions to the socio-economic, political, religious and institutional development of Africa by men and women from various endeavours whose stories were carried by oral transmissions through generations till date. Unfortunately, due to lack of profiling, information and experiences generated by these people fail to reach others with clarity and accuracy.

Today, the world is so much flooded with undocumented and unorganised knowledge about academics, professionals and community developers in Africa. With very scanty information about them on Google search, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, locating handful information about the men and women behind the various researches, inventions and remarkable initiatives at a time when it is actually required with comprehensive details is either currently not available, in short supply or exclusively for the VIPs. This is the sad story of the unsung heroes of the African continent.

Given the current emphasis on paperless and wireless environment, digital profiling is essential for providing the unsung heroes an international platform to be seen, heard and promoted. And also to provide the contemporary and future generations the opportunity to know, learn and benefit from their wealth of knowledge and experiences.

Profiling is the process or specialty of accumulating and classifying bio-data and making them available to others. That is the focus of African Journal of People, Places & Events (AJPPE). It is a registered, certified and dedicated international repository digital platform for identifying, profiling and promoting outstanding men and women with remarkable track records of education, experience, knowledge, problems, successes, difficulties and challenges. We review and reveal their ways of life and make it available to our global audience in a factual and informative manner for posterity.